The Song of Awakening is our opening into the Presence of the One.  This is Remembering Ourselves and the Being of Love, Truth and Peace we might know as God, Goddess, Beloved or the very Centre of our Self.  The Song of Empowerment and Enlightenment.  It is the Very Foundation and Drive of my Life.  It is both an ongoing process for me, a journey, and a constant Presence; here in this in and out breath, now.

I share and encourage this experience in others in both individual and group experiences.  I share writing, Sacred Song, Voice Work, Meditation and Healing practices, through one-to-one sessions in person and online, and in groups such as the Heartsong Sacred Singing groups and workshops which I hold in Lancaster and throughout the North-West UK. 

Recent feedback for my work includes:
‘You’ve really helped me to grow in the spirit and move towards my true nature’  (Jools)
‘Bryony brings unity, harmony and spiritual peace to everyone at her classes.’  (Anne).

You can see more information about the Lancaster: group here.  I also offer sessions Online and when I travel, in places as far afield as London, New Zealand and Norway.  I have lived in the UK all my life, but have travelled widely to America, Europe, Scandinavia and New Zealand, and have been blessed by many sacred meetings and sharings on these journeys, as well as in daily life in Lancaster.

Please feel free to contact me on bryonytree@gmail.com with any thoughts or questions about my work, or enquiries about my offering Heartsong, Coaching or Healing in your local area.  Or subscribe below to our mailing list to receive monthly sharings by email, about Heartsong Sessions and my spiritual and artistic work.

Special announcement:  On 6th June (6/6/20) I am going to be releasing a new ebook of Insights and Divine Guidance from twenty years of my close Connection with Spirit. An extract could be:
‘Do not see you body as your starting point – when you encounter choice based on desire to please and serve you are not to follow the lead of any other being than your own soul. Know only your own soul as your master….. We, the Angels, are eternally present in and within and around you, supporting your soul, you are one with us, and it is our unified prompting which is to be your guide at all times’
……. these words came to me during my Spiritual Awakening when I was living in the Findhorn Community in 1999, and this guidance has continued since then. The words of the book are interwoven with beautiful Nature Photographs.
If you would like to express an interest in buying a copy of the ebook when it is available, please join the mailing list as further information will be available in the next few mailings. Blessings Bryony

I know and revere the Divine in Nature, and celebrate the living Being of the Earth and the living consciousness that flows through all elements and forms.

Vision of this work:

We are dreaming a new horizon
We are dreaming a new world
As we stand in this place
We are healing the past
We are healing the future

All is possible


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