About Me

Your soul is in the water of my love, immersed totally, knowing only the delight of oneness and the sanctity of all-that-is. It shall be so for all, in the time of my choosing and as the quickening occurs in each.

These words came to me in 2000, part of a huge outpouring of healing guidance, during a number of months when I experienced a profound and constant awareness of the divine harmony between all of life.   This was the opening out of an awareness of Divine presence and interconnection which had been with me for years, and which has never left, even through times of great anguish and despair.  My book of this guidance is available at Amazon The Golden Road: My Journey with Spirit

Amongst other things, I heard:  There is much disease in the human state of being, and the collective mind. Damage has been done to humanity. Inequality and unhealthy power dynamics exist in many places. This damage exists, and the gaping wounds that many of my children are living within at this time, cause pain.

We are born to recognise and be aware of the inequality and unhealthy relationships that are in existence in this plane, and to act with responsibility to not perpetuate these, for example buying clothes from fair trade and humane sources, and eating sustainably, to bring these situations to an end as much as we can, and also, in the same hand, we are to be aware of our personal needs, and compassionate towards ourselves.

See the relationships you exist within, and see also the whole interdependence of the world, of all the cultures and societies – for you are one people, living on one planet. You are all born to recognise your connection with your neighbours and also your environment and to live with that awareness in the fullest way you can.

You can be free. You can live beyond power imbalances. Do not feel imprisoned by the limits of your society and those who are in power. See their limitations, and see them from a larger place, a more open heart. Feel the beat of your neighbours heart. Reach out and connect where you can.

This seems to me to be good wisdom for living by and I follow it as I can.  I am a Writer, Singer, Healer and Voice teacher and Coach.  I offer my life’s work through both Heartsong sessions and under the Song of Awakening banner.

I know and revere the Divine in Nature, and celebrate the living Being of the Earth and the living consciousness that flows through all elements and forms.  I have trained and worked with Healers, Voice Alchemists, Shamans and many great Teachers.   I have walked closely with Spirit for many years now.  I hope there is some way for you to walk alongside me.