About Bryony

Your soul is in the water of my love, immersed totally, knowing only the delight of oneness and the sanctity of all-that-is. It shall be so for all, in the time of my choosing and as the quickening occurs in each.

These words came to me in 2000, part of a huge outpouring of guidance, during a number of months when I experienced a profound and constant awareness of the divine harmony between all of life.   This was the opening out of a presence which had been with me for years, and which has never left, even through times of great anguish and despair.

I have known this Presence in many forms, and know that they are all One.  I have experienced Mother, Father, Brother, Beloved.  I have a strong sense of connection to a number of Spiritual beings – Christ, Allah, Krishna, Tara – though I am not a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist.  Primarily I know and revere the Divine in Nature, and celebrate the living Being of the Earth and the living consciousness that flows through all elements and forms.

I have lived in the UK all my life, but have travelled to America, Europe, Scandinavia and New Zealand. I work as a film-maker, and with healing and art.

I love to meet and gather with others in spaces where there is recognition of the silence that allows the Divine in, and love to create this in group ceremony at Full Moons and Celtic festivals, primarily in my Heartsong groups and workshops.

From a Devotional poem I wrote:

The touch of your heart blesses me.
Open fire, this heart,
Singing me home.

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