July 2011 – A Call to Humanity

We have come to remind you of the earth’s present.  (Visions of situations across the planet) There has been a call through these years. May the call of now reach those who are binding us against ourselves. May the call of now reach the yeses that are clamouring to be heard.

Begin to believe my love – through the centuries I reach to you.

I come before you to remind you of the presence of the earth.  I come at this time to remind you of the vital nature of the earth.  Never forget the vital nature of the earth. And the renewal we were promised.  The gateway of a new horizon – this is of the 7th dimension, brought forth into this plane. Opening to the divine

The past few months have been imperative in healing of the walking forward and the time that has been.

My friend I come across the centuries, across time which has dyed humanity into smallness and meanness.  I come from an age when there was an openness in the hearts of men.

Great Spirit, Bring peace and understanding, Bring peace and understanding, Bring peace and understanding (Song)

We ask you to remember your name, We ask you to remember your name, We ask you to remember your truth

Dance with us, Dance with us and sing to the earth her song,
Her song of forgiving, her song of redemption.
Her song of belonging, her song of believing
Her song of ensouling, Her song of loving
Her song of her home-coming, Her song of her living.
Her song of her hope, her song of her love
Her song of her living
And this shall this be known
And this shall be told
And we shall live
The love of the old ways

For all is unfolding in decision.  It is known to be.

A soul that has slept through its pain
It has known God in truth in its life

Your soul is a song of the song.
It is ensouling
I give cause for this to be known that the word you speak is ensouling
Ensouling becoming believing

We are the words you shall speak in this time

The living the loving becoming beholding the truth

Oh hold your heart open to what you are, hold your heart open.

We have come forth, we have come forth

My heart opens to your heart and a thousand birds fly forth. You were born to do this work.  To bring to the hearts of those who have fear (ed), the knowledge of the new era.

We come to you to bless you in this task, and also to teach you that the Earth is growing tired.  She and those who have lived with Her and on Her and in Her heart have fought hard to hear.

Dear sister, Find yourself anew.  This is a time for making the choices we live with, for makings the choices we have to make, for the future of humanity hangs in the balance.

There has been a great seeking in the heart of humanity that knows itself to be honouring the truth of God, that knows itself to be following the path it was born to follow, that knows itself to be honest and true and trustworthy.  These are the beings and the insights that have given us hope over the years. As we watched from our place outside of your sphere.

Peace to you dear One, and to all your bretheren.

May they know this song we have sung in you.

May they find the words in their own heart

May they see the world opening great hills and valleys and colours.

May they know we have known the dawn of time and speak at this time to remind them of humanity’s cause and humanity’s beginning at this time to understand.  May they know deeply the need that is in humanity’s soul for this truth.  For this shall be known in the life we are living in you, in your heart, in the coming into being of the One.

Be well, Be well in yourself. Know no fear.


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