What is channelling? The Perceiving Heart


I accept and honour the words I channel – which first started in London in 1996, and came flooding in in Findhorn at the time of the eclipse 1999 – as ‘my own’ wisdom, including that which comes ‘from God’.  In my most essential Self I touch and live that being.

The wisdom I channel is wisdom I am blessed to access, wisdom found in the silence at the heart of the rivers current, in the breath of the trees, bending in the wind, in the heartbeat of the hills. It is ‘from God’, from the deepest part of myself, which is also You.

God is inside and eternally present in all I see and experience; God is the Perceiving Heart, through which all is known. This is not something I have to reach for or to struggle to attain, negating or disowning any part of myself, in any way – rather it is something I have to breathe into, to be embraced by. It is the return to myself, to what I am. Present; Living. The Heart is the ultimate and profound connection between all living beings, which delights in the joyful and meaningful dance of existence in which we all partake – and which calls to us to partake in loving consciousness.

I accept that I am a channel for wisdom, and for understanding – and that we all are, in our open hearts and the peace at our centres. I aim always to take this lightly, and with joy, as a gift.



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