Lammas 2014

There is peace here, growing in Her heart. The tide has shifted, into growing and openness. The tide moves towards Lammas, towards harvest.



There is such peace, that you find in nature, where the force of the Goddess comes to bless you, to meet you, to embrace you. There is a point of arrival, at a place of wholeness and peace, that beckons through you, to others. Open to the stars that moved through you, that bring you into the space of the open night sky. They promise rest and freedom, they promise the healing of that which has been betrayed, a deep wound. The healing energies go deep. From the earth and from the cosmos, entering you deeply to soothe and heal. They assure you; in time it will be arrived at, this new life manifested. The energies of the new are in circulation in your life, anchoring and taking root. They promise delivery, of the new horizon.

Open to the developing relationship with God, in all people, that grows and deepens in you. At this stage of new delivery, open to the grace that is inherent in each moment, each encounter. Stand in the place of deep peace and knowing, and trust that you will encounter the divine in each person. It is blessed, this knowing; with this you touch hearts, and open minds. Trust to this knowing, to the grace it brings, and all will be well.

You are doing well, in this divine encounter. You have moved through resistance and opened your mind; the words flow more easily. Divine wisdom is yours.


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