Metatron: Friendship and Chakras

The name METATRON comes to me as I awaken, strong sense of energy.

Metatron blesses this house, this room of blessing. Metatron is an angel of transformation. Be blessed in this. Your healing will continue apace.

Much has been found and strengthened in the previous months. There are other’s who will struggle.  They will try and adapt as the changes come but these souls are to be broken open into the new paradigm. Your relationship with your mother is of healing significance and is the fundamental ground for your new journey. Show her these words.

Metatron advises that you listen to the body’s calls over the next few days and eat when hungry, drink as much as you need, take walks when the idea comes to you. The river is indeed a water carrier and blesses you with her changing energies.

Metetron blesses you in this moment: new code is encrypted in your system, Your divine heritage is established and from this we shall grow in brotherhood, harmony and clarity. Our voices will get stronger together, and you will be asked to share these writings, for verification.

It is of the utmost importance that you continue to connect with X from a position of truth and authenticity. She carries a great emotional charge and can clear a lot of old patterns for you.

You are undergoing transformation on a cellular level, and on levels of soul understanding. We are taking great store of nourishment into your roots. This will continue to nourish you in coming days and nights.

You are to walk on this earth in Peace.

Metatron advises that you walk outside to connect with trees and ground angelic energy.

I see his form.

There is great blessing to be found in releasing your views of friendship, that reciprocation can form. Friendship with place and energies thereof form a significant part of your nature. You are much nourished thereby. Long Meg (a local stone cirlce, see the photograph on Heartsong page) is indeed a planetary teacher and voice of the Mother as you found her. Long Meg and other sacred sites form a network of bundled light pockets – places where we can work with great efficiency on the human soul, lifting it up into higher frequencies of union. Nourishing on all levels.

Avebury is where it really began; your visit alone signified a new departure. Your Promise was restored, faith in the earth and in her healing, in all she is. Faith in the One. Promise of fulfilment of your work, satisfaction of the aims of the Mother. It was a mutual promise, a recognition made on spiritual planes and experiences deeply in the physical and all realities. You saw Light that day, and heard the earth greet you as her own. You walked into your role, your self. She is in you, around you, above and below. She is in all things. She is Spirit incarnate, found.

Recognise Her as such, in all matter.


Yes it is true that chakra systems have undergone significant change. Yours are undergoing transformation on all levels of existence. You are becoming a lightbody (etheric patterning), evolving faster than we felt was possible in this dimensional reality – you need space outdoors, communion with Her as she is in the great forces of nature. Lose yourself in the river, let her flow right through you. You are perfectly safe here, with me in your system, and the codes of Christ around you.

Metatron – yes, the connection of the crown is to all of creation, and most importantly, to the creator God.

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