Channelled Wisdom

In 1998, in a deep and profound dream, I met the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, She told me: ‘I have been trying to give you something for a long time.  It is healing.’ She handed me a stone, energy pulsated through the stone and into my body.

I asked Her, ‘what is the priority in my life at the moment? She replied The true solution.

I ask Her to tell me more about this.  She said; ‘It is God, embodied and made whole.  It is Goddess, divined in all things. It is your own true Self, made whole. In friendship and enlightenment.’

These are powerful truths.  Around this time, this wisdom was starting to come to me more directly, during waking hours.  I want to share some of the channelling and guidance that has come to me then and in the years that followed, as much of this work is very beautiful, and affirms the great and unending Love that surrounds us. It evidences that we are held by the Divine Source in all its forms, and supported in Love by countless guides and spirit beings who walk alongside us.

All of life is worthy to be blessed with knowledge of its divine inheritance.  As we awaken to the stars in the morning sky as our brothers, shining remembrance so will we recognise in one another, the divine host that we are.

Beloved brethren, accept your roles in the coming time with the grace that befits the sons and daughters of God.  Know that that is what we are, and that the work we do in this knowledge is blessed indeed.  There are many ways to serve the creator, that which is your calling is but one of a myriad of tasks assigned, to the glory of God.

There is only one way to serve God, and that is with an open heart and hands that work with love.  It is this which God desires us to do, to be that which we are, wholly and with delight, knowing and resting in the certainty that we are God’s children.

The Plan of God:

All life is an expression of Love for me and longing for the completion of the soul’s journey; union and total reconciliation with me, which, through my grace and will, and your surrender to the divine plan, you are to be blessed with at last, while on this earth plane.

Know that we are one, the mother, the father and the child.  Held within the Light of God, the light of the sun rising, held within the Light of your heart, which is a spinning wheel of light, containing all life and galaxies of indescribable wonder.

Let your Light lead the way only.  Let the future be revealed in the Light you show the world.  It is freedom, joy exceeding known limits.  You are shedding your man-made armour, which is no longer appropriate for the age ahead.

Let joy be the watchword for all you do.  Let the colours fly, let the joy be known.

You must heal yourself and become all you are, singing against the sky.

More channelled Spiritual Guidance is available at The Golden Road: My Journey with Spirit