Upcoming Events

Regular monthly events at Strathean Retreat Centre, 212 Old Hautere Road, Te Horo NZ – held on or around the NEW MOON – usually second Sunday of the month.


* SUNDAY, 14th March (14/3) – New Moon March Heartsong Kirtan – 7pm – 
Come and tune into the open potential and deep inner space that this Piscean new moon generates.  Spiritual preparation for the important date of the EQUINOX the following week. Join in singing, meditation and healing Kirtan at Strathean Retreat Centre, 212 Old Hautere Road, Te Horo – PLEASE NOTE THAT OTAKI GORGE ROAD IS CLOSED AT SH1 FOR THREE MONTHS AND YOU WILL NEED TO DRIVE VIA SCHOOL ROAD IN TE HORO
Details here – https://fb.me/e/1crfPQggV   Investment $20-$25

REIKI SPIRIT HEALING, Aroha Vibration Spiritual Fair,  
Otaki Memorial Hall in Otaki, 10am-4pm.  I work with my Spirit guides and 22 years training and experience to channel through the healing energy you need for your support.20 minute Sessions can be booked on the half hour between 10-12 and 12.30-3.30 – please contact me to reserve your space ($30)

* SUNDAY 21st March 6.15pm – EQUINOX VOICE RITUAL  This AUTUMN EQUINOX is an important time of reflection, balance and grace.  This event which will help to focus and channel the Healing and Transformational energies available for the highest good of all Beings, including the Earth.
We will be meeting at Strathean Retreat centre – outside in the garden for part of the time at the beginning if the weather is fine.
Everyone is welcome to join this deep meditation, ritual and sharing with voices and open hearts, for peace, transformation and growth, supported by Spirit. We will be creating an open portal and focussing container for the galactic and divine energies that are available.  We will be developing from the sacred work we did at the Summer Solstice Group Ritual, after which one participant said ‘I felt everything had shifted!’We will start by 6.15pm.  We will not be eating a meal together so please eat beforehand.  Tea, drinks and simple refreshments will be provided.  Investment $22-$33.Details here: https://fb.me/e/PeRNE50M

* SUNDAY 11th APRIL, April New Moon Heartsong Kirtan, Strathean Retreat Centre, 6.30- 8.30pm.  Details here: https://fb.me/e/1x8ee9ZiN


I am also offering Online Group Singing and Rituals for those of you who can’t come and gather in person – coming up .  I offering a monthly online Full Moon sharing on my Facebook page

* THURSDAY, March 18, 8pm-10pm (UK time) / FRIDAY 19TH 9-11AM (NZT)
Equinox Voice and Spirit Healing Ritual ONLINE  (click for event page)

A special in-depth online Ritual, drawing on the energies held in and around the Equinox, invoking healing for the Earth and all Beings.

The Equinox is an important doorway in the year – passing us through to the Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and into the Spring in the North of the Globe. We will connect with and honour these passages, and the ways in which they reflect in our lives. Equinox is a time of strong energies of balance and grace, which we can tune into and invoke consciously into to support our lives and our experience.

We will use our voices through sounding, toning, singing; we will explore energy work and meditation, and share, as feels right for us, in the sacred space of our online group.
Everyone is very welcome to join ❤ – feel free to ask any questions

The peak of the Equinox energy is 36 hours after this ritual – this sacred group container will offer a healing preparation for our individual and collective energies.

Investment on Facebook is in USD = £18UKP –  you can pay on Facebook or through PayPal – www.paypal.me/BryonyHeartsong – or by Bank Transfer to BRYONY C ROGERS, CUMBERLAND BUILDING SOCIETY, acc: 55385563, Sort: 165221

* SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 9am-11am UKT / 8pm-10pm NZT

Sacred Singing and Healing Voice work to balance and strengthen your subtle bodies along with Meditation, Guided Journaling, Ritual and guided activations, to open to, channel and focus the very powerful energies available at the Solstice. This will enable and support you in connecting with your own inner guidance and Spirit.

There are very powerful energies available at this time, and you will be supported and held to make space in your life for the new, to strengthen your vision and focus your Light.
Held in New Zealand by Bryony, a British healer, Singer and Voice Coach, and guided by Spirit.  The SOLSTICE window is 19th-22nd June.

This event is held on SATURDAY 19TH JUNE at 8pm NZT which is 9am in the morning the same day for those of us in the UK
For all other time zones see –


Investment: on Facebook is in US Dollars = £18 UKP.   You can either pay directly here on Facebook or by PayPal, https://www.PayPal.me/BryonyHeartsong
or bank transfer – please message me for details, thank you so much.
Concessions are available – please ask

Everyone is very welcome: I look forward to sharing with you. Many blessings 

* IF YOU WANT TO GO DEEPER – I am currently taking bookings for AN EXCITING 7 WEEK VOICE COURSE – Journey into Embodiment with Voice and Spirit: This course is suitable for anyone, regardless of your relationship with, and confidence in, your voice. Singing and voice work will be included but you will never be asked to sing alone online. In this course I will share Sacred Spiritual, Creative, Energetic, Healing and Voice tools and practices to support you in deepening your relationship to your authentic voice, your soul voice, and the guidance and empowerment that results.It will provide Spiritual and creative nourishment and support for your unfolding of your deeper Self, and the power of intuition, guidance and free expression in your life. Commit to yourself and your life and a deeper Embodiment.  (Includes one one-to-one online coaching session)$313 NZD – Message me to register for the Zoom link and preparatory materials.  PAYMENT PLANS and concessionary places are available – please message me.Details here: https://fb.me/e/2pLJXSLwd

For more information on events coming up – Please see the Heartsong Sacred Singing and Meditation Facebook Page www.Facebook.com/songofawakeninguk

Heartsong Chakra Balancing Course – Date TBC, 10am-4.30pm,
Strathean Retreat centre, Te Horo
Full day session exploring and going into the sounds, energies and potential of each chakra in the full 7 bodily chakras.  I will be sharing special Vocal and Energetic techniques and systems that support and balance the chakras, and we will be exploring and moving deeply into their energy and the experiences they offer.
The day will involve a full body tune up and balance of the 7 bodily chakras, and the full 14 chakras, and then we will explore each chakra more deeply.
This day will include a lot of helpful information and healing techniques, which has come from many years training, inner work and practice.
Investment: $175/$150/$125 for the day

  • Day Workshops – to Order!  I am available to run weekend, day or session workshops.  All you need to do is gather a group of 7 + interested people and have a venue, and to contact me! 
    These days can be wonderful and transformative experiences in which to explore Voicework, Sacred Song, Empowerment, Ritual and Energy work such as sounding for the Chakras.  These sessions are a powerful opportunity to work deeply with your energy body and voice in a safe, held group space.
    I have many years experience working with voice and healing, and have led successful Voice and deep chakra workshops before. I am a trained energy healer, a published poet and an award-winning film-maker.
  • Feedback from participants:

Jools:You put so much of yourself into these events….. The Heartsong (whole event) was wonderful, I feel you’ve shifted some blocks & put me in touch with parts of myself I’d forgotten/may not even have known before. It was valuable to look back over 2019 and identify the positives, and to set my intention/invocation for 2020. The humming, chanting, singing, soundbath – everything individually was great, and the whole package was awesome, with a great bunch of people 🙂

Frith: ‘Bryony held the space in the energy of generosity and warmth. I felt safe to release my voice from old fear and shame and have fun, even laugh. I was able to experience and share the beauty of my voice raised alongside others in simple and joyful harmony. The group went to a safe heart space together and I can’t wait for the next one – truly divine’.

Mary: ‘These workshops give me a chance to be free with my voice in a close, supportive setting, where people are not competing with each other, but rather contributing to a uniquely collective gathering, and in which participants are free to explore voice work, chant together & share food – what’s not to like?!  Bryony is a kind and welcoming host & facilitator’