Upcoming Events

Regular monthly events at Strathean Retreat Centre, 212 Old Hautere Road, Te Horo NZ and Synergy Studio Lyall Bay Wellington NZ will resume later in 2021.

I am also offering Online Group Singing and Rituals for those of you who can’t come and gather in person.  I offering a monthly online Full Moon sharing on my Facebook page – nd this will resume in February 2021. Details to follow.

For more information on events coming up – Please see the Heartsong Sacred Singing and Meditation Facebook Page www.Facebook.com/songofawakeninguk

Mark and I are exploring preparations for a Day Retreat in February/ March 2021 a deep immersion into Nature in the Otaki Gorge, Nature connection and Journeying, Singing and Voice work, Meditation, Ritual and Reiki (sessions and attunements available at extra cost). Overnight camping and a therapeutic cinema experience are possible options for this event. Please let me know your interest in / thoughts on / availability for this. We are excited to share in this way.

Heartsong Chakra Balancing Course – Date TBC, 10am-4.30pm,
Strathean Retreat centre, Te Horo
Full day session exploring and going into the sounds, energies and potential of each chakra in the full 7 bodily chakras.  I will be sharing special Vocal and Energetic techniques and systems that support and balance the chakras, and we will be exploring and moving deeply into their energy and the experiences they offer.
The day will involve a full body tune up and balance of the 7 bodily chakras, and the full 14 chakras, and then we will explore each chakra more deeply.
This day will include a lot of helpful information and healing techniques, which has come from many years training, inner work and practice.
Investment: $120/$110/$100 for the day

  • Day Workshops – to Order!  I am available to run weekend, day or session workshops.  All you need to do is gather a group of 7 + interested people and have a venue, and to contact me! 
    These days can be wonderful and transformative experiences in which to explore Voicework, Sacred Song, Empowerment, Ritual and Energy work such as sounding for the Chakras.  These sessions are a powerful opportunity to work deeply with your energy body and voice in a safe, held group space.
    I have many years experience working with voice and healing, and have led successful Voice and deep chakra workshops before. I am a trained energy healer, a published poet and an award-winning film-maker.
  • Feedback from participants:

Jools:You put so much of yourself into these events….. The Heartsong (whole event) was wonderful, I feel you’ve shifted some blocks & put me in touch with parts of myself I’d forgotten/may not even have known before. It was valuable to look back over 2019 and identify the positives, and to set my intention/invocation for 2020. The humming, chanting, singing, soundbath – everything individually was great, and the whole package was awesome, with a great bunch of people 🙂

Frith: ‘Bryony held the space in the energy of generosity and warmth. I felt safe to release my voice from old fear and shame and have fun, even laugh. I was able to experience and share the beauty of my voice raised alongside others in simple and joyful harmony. The group went to a safe heart space together and I can’t wait for the next one – truly divine’.

Mary: ‘These workshops give me a chance to be free with my voice in a close, supportive setting, where people are not competing with each other, but rather contributing to a uniquely collective gathering, and in which participants are free to explore voice work, chant together & share food – what’s not to like?!  Bryony is a kind and welcoming host & facilitator’